Acoustics ART Panel "BOOM2"
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Acoustics ART Panel
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Europe Acoustics ART Panel "BOOM2"

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Microfon Recording studios Recording studios
  • Double reinforced frame structure
  • Built-in acoustics gap
  • Professional design - proven in acoustic room
  • modernized acoustics panels and bass traps equipped with OPTIMA SYSTEM
  • Custom  size for extra € 20
  • Modern material is available in over 100 colors and fabrics: BAHAMA, MUNA, LUX, LEN, FANY, RODOS, BALI, MARGERITA, MADERA, KOS, KRETA, IBIZA
  • Environmentally friendly materials ECO FRIENDLY
  • Ease to install panels on the walls and in the corners of rooms

Music audition rooms, conference room, cinema, studios, pubs, etc. All need a surface that is efficient at absorbing. Acoustic Panel SPOINT500 with SYSTEM OPTIMA absorbs high frequencies and is tuned to 160 Hz. It is meant to be mounted on walls. This product has been especially designed to be a main element in the construction of rooms. Acoustics panels from is built in a box, which has a membrane manufactured by us. Acoustics Panels SPIONT500 and MEDIUM550 with SYSTEM OPTIMA high performance panel, very easy-to-install. It was designed to absorb and reflex the incident sound on the back, front or side walls, reducing the low energy that is present in excessive levels at the point of hearing. Therefore, it reduces unwanted resonances and helps to accommodate and improve sound perception.

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